On the Ground at SXSW 2011

Greetings from SXSWi! The DGC team is on the scene, taking in the sights, sounds and sun of Austin.

Our first full day on the ground has been chock-full of insights on interactivity as it relates to brands, consumers and creativity.

Some highlights:

  • Discussing Opportunities of Teens Online, Mr Youth CEO Matt Britton said younger generations are redefining blogging as we know it. Long-form blogging is no longer the force it used to be. Twitter has changed the way teens express themselves online, encouraging much shorter snippets of personal insights.
  • In a panel on Brand Journalism, Ad Age’s Bob Garfield pointed to Chrysler’s recent firing of New Media Strategies as an example of how the “loosey goosey” nature of social media contradicts the “control freakdom” of brand management. Panelists said Chrysler’s firing of the agency was a mistake, with Kyle Monson, an editor at JWT, noting branded social media that is too controlled and managed is inauthentic.
  • In his panel, Live Like a Sprinter, Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project, shared what it takes to boost creative thinking and meet the ever-growing demands of business and communication in the digital age. Like sprinters, we must keep the finish line in mind, exert 100 percent energy, renew and replenish ourselves, then go back for more. With these boundaries in place, we can develop more creative ideas and become 25 percent more efficient.

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