What They Learned in the Recession

One of the most noticeable concerns among advertisers after the recession is that they are more focused on meeting Wall Street’s expectations, according to Greg Kahn, EVP, Business Development Director at Optimedia U.S. Kahn shared this observation as a panelist at the 8th Annual Media Summit in New York on March 10, 2011. As a result of this renewed focus, Kahn said media executives must remember that their clients are looking for more and more proof points around a media plan and buy. Because of all the new technologies in the market on which consumers access content, Kahn said that “the data industry is in controlled chaos. There are almost too many data streams now. The measurement industry has to take an open architecture approach to metrics and how you link them together in a way that is measurable and actionable.”

Another lesson learned from the recession–when marketers were timid about putting dollars in emerging media platforms–is that there is no more effective screen than the TV screen to build brand awareness.  Kahn explained, “TV drives awareness, intent and traffic [into stores or web sites]. It’s still an extremely attractive medium to reach consumers.  The recession taught us how valuable TV is to advertising.”

Terry S. Bienstock moderated the panel, “Advertising Strategy, Expenditure and Analysis: Broadcast and Cable vs. the New Platforms.”  Joining Kahn on the panel were Randa Minkarah, SVP, Revenues & Business Development, Fisher Communications; Craig Woerz, Managing Partner, Media Storm; Scott Brown, SVP, Media Strategy and Digital Platforms, Nielsen; Laurence Hallier, CEO, Show Media; Mark Altschuler, VP, National Advertising Sales, Comcast Spotlight; and Jim Turner, SVP, Product Management, Canoe Ventures.

-Kathleen Sampey

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