Face-time and Fancy Free: When in Cannes…

Day two on the Croisette. Mixing and mingling with everyone who’s anyone in the global marketing and media worlds. And all I can think is, “I can’t believe I’m still coming to Cannes, 13 years later.”

Then again, who can complain? It’s much more exciting to work against the back-drop of the calming azure Mediterranean than to the mellifluous moaning of sirens, horns and subways. Not to mention, my single most important business mantra (well, behind honesty and integrity): There’s no time more valuable than face-time.

And so it goes. In a business world of five-screen distractions, version 4.0, real-time message mania, block-out-the-enemy headphones, and millennials with ADD who seem more comfortable hiding behind a screen than emerging from it, this beautiful little [might I add, grossly overpriced] pocket of the world offers a once-a-year opportunity to spend real time…face time…quality time…with just about anyone who means anything in our business.

And that’s why DGC counsels our clients on the benefits of participating in the real-time, LIVE conversation that takes place on the Croisette, in The Palais, in the Gutter Bar, on the Carlton Terrace and just about everywhere else the 9,000 delegates convene at all hours of the day (oftentimes after sleepless nights).

That’s why I come back, year after year…as if the years of my life have become framed and bookmarked by this third week in June…when we realize that we “desperately” need to see the very industry peers who work just down the block from us, yet whom we never take the time to see while back home. Then again, why should we? We know we’ll catch up next year at Cannes.

Note: DGC has five clients on juries (including one jury chair); three clients with seminars; one client with an official “exhibition”; and tons of current and past client friends in attendance at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2011.

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