TBU’s CannesAlso: Empowering Creativity through Personal Expression

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is roaring and in full swing. Advertising and media execs have taken over the Palais and the first awards have been handed out. This year, visitors are seeing something new outside the festival walls: a really BIG book.

“The Big Book” is the first installation of an on-going project called CannesAlso, which capitalizes on the advertising industry’s creative nature and highlights the outside influences that impact the daily routines of those who work in it.

This year’s exhibition, designed by The Brand Union and Lambie-Nairn, with help from Getty Images and Clear Channel, focuses on photography.

According to Worldwide CEO Simon Bolton, “CannesAlso is a hugely important event for The Brand Union, as it enables us to celebrate a different, yet hugely relevant boundary of the global industry’s creativity. We wanted an event that recognizes the need to empower external creativity through personal expression.” Bolton goes on to say that “ideas that truly resonate with others must be honest and true, originating from the heart and mind of the creative; CannesAlso represents this.”

“The Big Book” houses over 1,200 photographs, from 35 countries, 11 of which were selected by acclaimed photographer Rankin to be specially featured within the book. And when they say “big,” they aren’t kidding. According to the Cannes Lions website, there are some fairly impressive stats:

  • The weight of the book is 7.9 tons (including two tons flooring weight and 14 metal frames @ 300KG per section).
  • It contains 100 pages and is 4m wide by 2.5m high.
  • A 17 ton truck was used to transport The Big Book from London to Cannes.
  • 18 people are dedicated to the build of “The Big Book” (including designers, metal workers, engineers, fabricators, drivers, project manager)

For those of you in Cannes, make sure to stop outside the Palais and take a look at this impressive exhibit. If you’d like to experience it from afar, go to CannesAlso to learn more.

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