Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Media Person of the Year

DGC had a chance to hear from Google Managing Director Torrence Boone about Eric Schmidt, executive chairman at Google, being named Media Person of the Year at the Cannes Lions this week. So we thought it only proper to follow up that clip with an article from Adweek‘s Dylan Byers, who covered Schmidt’s speech this week.

If you want to understand how visionaries think, we suggest you read this. Here’s a snippet to entice you:

What does Schmidt’s future look like? “So I’m in Cannes and I want to buy a T-shirt,” he said. “My phone should be saying, ‘You can turn left here and go get 30 percent off your favorite brand.’ Then I go to the store and pay for it on my handset.”

In other words, your phone will know what you want and it will allow you to pay for it without a credit card. “The best thing would be if Google knew what you wanted without you having to type it in,” Schmidt said. “With your permission, with a mobile phone we can trigger search queries about where you are.”

What does your mobile future entail?

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