Wrath of Cannes Takes over Coney Island

It was a far (seagull’s) cry from the glitz, glamour and sun of the French Riviera, but last night’s Wrath of Cannes awards show on Coney Island proved that dive bar Cha Cha’s – “home of wild women and wise guys” – can still draw a crowd. But it wasn’t just the $1 cans of Porkslap Pale Ale that enticed the motley crew of mostly junior creatives to trek to the home of the Cyclone. The special guest and judge was none other than skating legend Tony Hawk.

Winner Nikolaus Drellow & Judge Tony Hawk

Now in its fifth year, Wrath of Cannes is billed as the “other” awards show and “a bitter response to the self-congratulating, glad-handing, marblebag-wearing, Dom-swilling, bronzer-slathered soirees that fester up on the beach in Cannes,” according to Woods Witt Dealy & Sons co-founder and creative director Harry Woods.

This year’s show featured the crowdsourcing of Tony Hawk’s skateboard brand, Birdhouse, with the goal of moving the brand forward. The brief given to entrants was: Broaden the awareness and appeal of the Birdhouse brand without selling out.

Wrath of Cannes Judges & Winner Nikolaus Drellow

Out of over 30 submissions, the team of judges (including Hawk and AgencySpy writer Kiran Aditham, among others) narrowed down the entries to five finalists.

The big winner was Nikolaus Drellow from Atlanta, GA, who won over the judges with his idea for a smart phone game titled “Flip the F*ck Out.”

View his entry here.

Among other prizes and goodies, Drellow was awarded $1,500 cash, an internship with WWD&S, and most important, his named etched into the base of the infamous Grand Coney, a trophy of a man with his head up his a**.

All in all, a great evening was had by all…especially those who live by the mantra: “Those who can, go to Cannes. Those who can’t, go to Coney.”

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