Do You “Dig” It Enough To Work Here?

In a recent episode of “Agency Digs,” Ad Age stopped by Philly-based creative agency, Red Tettemer + Partners, and gave President and Chief Creative Officer Steve Red a chance to show off their quirky office space.

From funky furnishings and a plethora of employee knick-knacks to a hallway of “bad art,” Red took viewers on an entertaining tour of the office, which occupies the top two floors of the historic Pennsylvania National Bank (and includes the former penthouse of department store magnate Wanamaker) in the heart of downtown Philadelphia.

The virtual tour introduced viewers to the staff, the space and more important – the agency’s culture.

“It’s constantly changing, constantly inspiring, like a living art piece,” said Red.

Only the second office space to be featured on Ad Age’s “Agency Digs,” RT+P does a great job showcasing its unique brand and off-the-wall take on office life.

Who wouldn’t want to work in an office that encourages free-expression and allows employees to blow off steam in its own “Rock Band” room?

For industry job seekers, it’s often hard to narrow down what kind of agency would be a “good fit.” Is it the employees you’ll be working with, the space that you’ll occupy each day or the overall agency culture? Arguably, it could be all three.

That’s why we think this video is more than just an office tour – it’s a fabulous PR/marketing piece for the agency and the Red Tettemer brand. Just as you’re admiring the creativity that lives around every corner and on every wall of the office, you might also wonder, could I see myself here?

RT+P’s “digs” are definitely as unique as the work that comes out of its shop. This Ad Age feature does a wonderful job of enticing people to find out more about the agency and maybe even remind current employees how cool and unconventional their work place is.

Check out the video here and tell us what you think…

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