Buzzword Bingo

New York, August 18, 2011 – Client X, the leading, best-of-breed, dynamic, stretegerist firm in the world, is excited to announce a unique, strategic partnership which has just been approved due to its cost-effective, high performance, value adding-ness.

Oh jeez, not another flexible, scalable, groundbreaking, industry-standard, cutting-edge product from a market-leading, well positioned company! If everyone is leading, no one is. Period.

Any reporter that prints this press release verbatim should be fired on the spot! It’s a horrible, meaningless sentence but, sadly, corporate America is often mired with gobbledygook that’s so overused that it’s turned into worthless WYZIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) copy.

And let’s be honest, we’ve all used it at one time or another — shame on us.

In the spirit of business-speak sabotage, Modea, an untraditional creative agency with digital roots, created a Buzzword Bingo app for the iPhone and iPad. The app allows you to play Buzzword Bingo. A bingo board is populated with a list of Buzzwords and you can mark them off when you are in a meeting or at a conference.

According to Wikipedia [], Buzzword Bingo is played in situations where audience members feel that the speaker, in an effort to mask a lack of actual knowledge, is just spouting off a bunch of buzzwords rather than providing information or ideas of actual value. Business meetings led by guest speakers or notable company personalities from higher up the pay scale are perfect scenarios, as these sessions often include predictable references to arcane business concepts – perfect fodder for Buzzword Bingo.

Note: An important element of the game is having the courage to actually yell “Bingo!” Can you imagine?

Modea monitored tweets during the last SXSW conference to track, in real-time, the most abused buzzwords.

We surveyed the DGC team to discover what we think are the most over-used buzzwords in PR. Take a look:
1. Bandwidth
2. Leverage
3. Win-win
4. Talk offline
5. Buckets
6. Top-tier
7. Engaged
8. Strategic
9. Verticals

But why stop at 10? Other words with buzz-appeal: topline, fully integrated, blocking and tackling, silos, mission critical, game-changer, turnkey, next generation, unique, impact, engage, growth, expansion, change agent, sexy, shareable, wings…

Remember, only by acting together can we stop buzzword abuse!

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