Oscar Who?

Let’s face it: The annual Academy Awards show stinks every year no matter who hosts it, and poor Eddie Murphy will likely be no exception. The New York-born comedian has kept a low profile for several years unlike during his Saturday Night Live and stand –up days.  But if the brilliant Chris Rock couldn’t pull Oscar ratings out of the mire in 2005, nobody can.

Many people think Billy Crystal should return as the magic-bullet host but really, weren’t his digitized insertions into scenes from the nominated movies getting a bit stale? He was smart to decline the gig for the past several years.

Has anyone considered that the hosts aren’t even the problem?

Maybe it’s the stuffiness of the event itself made stuffier still by botoxed countenances and an overblown air of self reverence. And don’t get us started on the blockbuster and franchise film garbage that rakes in the real bucks for Hollywood, which sadly, is all it and the mass audience care about.

Maybe it’s time to stream the Oscars on YouTube where an ardent audience will seek it out. That way, advertisers can engage a more targeted consumer base and more accurately measure the return on the media spend.

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