Chummy Rummy

Like any good politician, Donald Rumsfeld is making the rounds with a speaking tour on the heels of releasing his memoir. Recently he stopped by the Russian Tea Room to speak to the Hudson Union Society and tell his story.

Politics aside, from a PR perspective, Rumsfeld did an excellent job. During the hour long one-on-  one interview he was charismatic, easy going and even made a few jokes at his own expense. He  engaged the audience with interesting off-the-cuff remarks, while still staying very much on point  with his agenda to plug his book.

And while there was technically someone interviewing him, Rumsfeld was running the show. He answered questions with ease, telling stories of Nixon and Eisenhower and only briefly touching on sensitive subjects like 9/11. When a “hard ball” was lobbed his way, he answered the question directly, but made sure to end on a lighter note.

Whether you love him or hate him, and with Rumsfeld there’s no in-between, many walked away from the interview with at least one good laugh because he was quite the humorous raconteur throughout.

So, to Rumsfeld’s communication team, we here at DGC tip our hats to you for a job well done in making a polarizing figure a little less controversial for at least an hour

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