Advertising Week Special Report: Mobile

Two DGC clients engage in a free-wheeling discussion on the challenges and opportunities of mobile.

Today we attended a very engaging Advertising Week ( panel on mobile, featuring two of our clients – Marla Kaplowitz, President of Client Services, MEC North America (, and Marita Scarfi, CEO of Organic ( Sponsored and moderated by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), the panel took an in-depth look at how agencies are keeping pace with the ever-changing mobile landscape, and how they’re meeting the demands of their clients in terms of innovation, technology and strategy.

Below are a few keys points that our two rock-star (female) clients made on this ever-important subject:

Marla Kaplowitz, President of Client Services, MEC North America

  • From a consumer standpoint, it’s really all about mobility. People wake up with their cell phones; people go to the bathroom with their cell phones. It’s gotten to the point where your phone goes with you almost everywhere, and the phone has become an extension of who you are. As marketers, we need to not simply focus on what we can do with mobile, but what our consumers WANT to do with their devices – and see how we can help make this shift relevant.
  • To continue to be strategic partners to our clients, we need to show our clients where we’re going and what the opportunities are. We constantly need to push them to take advantage of mobile and educate them on what’s out there in the space.
  • Mobile has given us the “virtual water cooler,” which allows us to continually ask the question and gather information on what the consumer wants.
  • A challenge from a media agency perspective is to make the ad unit we’re buying relevant and engaging, and not static. It’s an area where we continue to improve and one which needs focus for us to move forward.

Marita Scarfi, CEO of Organic

  • Marketing budgets should be less siloed, and focus more on consumer behavior and data. We should focus more on where our target consumers are and how to use media (including mobile) to best engage them.
  • Likening mobile budgets to a Swiss army knife, Marita said the size of marketing spend on mobile is less important than efficiency. She encouraged marketers to focus on how to get the best possible ROI for mobile spend.
  • From a business standpoint we need to look at three areas of framework strategy/content/technology.
  • Mobile is growing exponentially, even if the data in mobile is not as robust.
  • Brands should make mobile part of the user experience, which will in turn make life easier for all parties.

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