Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas…But Please Wait Until After Thanksgiving

I personally love the holidays. I get time to spend with friends and family, the opportunity to exchange gifts, and have the ultimate excuse to eat dessert for pretty much every meal of the day. But as much as I love all of these things, holiday marketing often makes me feel like I’m stuck in the “It’s A Small World” ride at Disney World. As soon as one holiday ends, another begins. And the cycle starts earlier every year.

Even though we know how important this time of year is to brands and agencies alike, I couldn’t help but ask the DGC team to share its biggest holiday marketing pet peeves. Drum roll please…

Black Friday. The majority of us will never understand the ferocious need to camp outside Walmart overnight in the cold, but there are people who do it every year. We tend to think that the holidays should be about relaxing and being with family, not cramming hundreds of over-caffeinated shoppers into a room to instigate mayhem. Plus, there are better deals to be found online anyway – thank you, Cyber Monday.

Premature Holiday Cheer. Everyone knows that it snowed on Halloween weekend this year—and yes, the team reported seeing at least three people dressed up as Santa as a result—but that does not make it okay for Duane Reade to put Halloween candy and Chanukah/Christmas decorations on the store shelves at the same time. Halloween is in October. The holidays are in December. Let’s get excited for the holidays in December.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells. Look—We love Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” just as much as the next person, but unless we’re watching Love Actually, we do not want to hear that song until November 25 at the earliest. Can you imagine the people who have to work in retail around the holidays, listening to this stuff on loop every day? And this year it’s going to be Justin Bieber’s Christmas album. The horror.

Holiday marketing can be overwhelming, but it’s hard to stay a Grinch for long. Besides, who can say “bah humbug” to those holiday Gap commercials?

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