Tub Gin, Rad Bromance and a hot dog stand: A behind-the-scenes look at Red Tettemer + Partners’ 7th Annual 2wenty 5ifth Floor Event

Last Friday, a couple DGC-ers traveled to the “Birthplace of America” (a.k.a. Philadelphia) to attend the seventh annual 2wenty 5ifth Floor party – created and developed by Red Tettemer + Partners. Every year, the agency hosts the 2wenty 5ifth Floor to celebrate the innovation and creativity of the art and design communities. The invite-only event has been held for seven years and draws writers, musicians, designers and advertisers in the community.

Upon entering the party, we were greeted by an award-filled wagon, a claw-foot bathtub and the agency’s very own super premium Tub Gin, as well as slushies (made with Tub Gin.) We later learned that this was just one of three full-service bars placed throughout the two floors of the party space. If you haven’t had a chance to see the Red Tettemer + Partners office space, you should check out their feature in AdAge’s “Agency Digs.” It’s AMAZING!

Thankfully our imbibing was complemented by plenty of treats, including a hot dog stand and Philly soft pretzels – a huge hit among our team. Did you know that the average Philadelphian consumes about 12 times as many pretzels as the national average? Who knew?

We even had a chance to sit down with Red Tettemer + Partners’ own President and Chief Creative Officer Steve Red to get his thoughts on the annual event. Here’s what he had to say:

We mingled and made our way to the second floor stage and grooved to Brooklyn-based electronic pop duo, Chairlift, while anxiously awaiting the main act: Rad Bromance, the phenomenal Lady Gaga cover band. Don’t take our word for it, check out the video below. 

Alas, the bands eventually finished their sets as we finished our night on the dance floor! It was a blast with an amazing turnout. We’re so happy we could celebrate this special night with Red Tettemer + Partners and look forward to next year’s 2wenty 5ifth Floor!

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