When Tweeting, Don’t Be Misleading

Twitter tips DGC DiGennaro CommunicationsBecause our jobs involve helping companies and executives who run them to communicate effectively, clarity is one of our top priorities.

The plethora of outlets for personal expression continues to multiply and with that, so do the occurrences of dispensing erroneous or misleading information, and which is why the following tweets earlier this month caught our attention.

After clicking on the link of this tweet “Groupon collaborates with the ghost of Jeffrey Dahmer to introduce a delightful, totally non-horrific new mascot,” originally posted on Jan. 12 by an ad firm, our astonishment turned to anger at having been duped because, as you can see, the notorious serial killer had nothing to do with the subject at hand.

Then several people and entities tweeted this headline verbatim on Jan. 13: “NYTimes public editor smashes himself with boomerang” reut.rs/x2VLWs. Did you notice that no persons or objects were actually smashed and no boomerangs made an appearance either?

Finally, Claire Cain Miller eased us down from the ledge of despair.

Her Jan. 12 tweet summarizing a long, intricate story from (what else?) The New Yorker about YouTube’s branded channels was about as clear and accurate as 140 characters would allow.

@clairecm Claire Cain Miller:

“The New Yorker looks at what happens to YouTube as it moves from user-generated anarchy to niche professional videos. newyorker.com/reporting/2012…

We just wanted to say thank you, Ms. Cain Miller. Thank you.

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