The Almost Social Bowl

Many have been calling Super Bowl XLVI the “social bowl” because of the anticipated volume of Facebook posts and tweets leading up to the game, during  the live broadcast and certainly following it when the New York Giants emerged victorious.

All of that certainly did happen with viewers commenting on the game itself, but also using their Facebook and Twitter handles to share thoughts about the commercials. All this to the tune of 11.5 million comments, six times the amount of social-media commentary on Super Bowl 45, per All Things D.

Perplexingly, many of the advertisers, who spent roughly $3 million for their in-game messages this year, neglected to include calls to action in those messages about further engagement on Facebook and Twitter or other social media. According to this Digiday story, only 25 percent of the game’s advertisers had some social-media component to their spots.

Today’s news reports about social-media engagement around the Super Bowl all mention that not only are more people using social media in general than last year, more are using those channels while watching TV. Maybe it’s time advertisers considered integrating their broadcast messages with those that could be accessed via these online channels, not just for events like the Super Bowl, but all consumption of real-time TV content.

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