All agog for Little Monsters? the launch of a new social network in the days following Facebook’s intention to go public, is like publicizing attendance to a non-NFL football game in the days following the Super Bowl.

Why should anyone care? As marketing communications professionals know too well, that depends on content + context.  If the non-NFL “event” was a pickup game that included Eli Manning and Tom Brady, it would get some significant buzz and interest, but even as an annual event, would hardly be any threat to the advertising and pop-culture bonanza known as the Super Bowl.

That’s the prism through which we are looking at this week’s news of Lady Gaga’s impending launch of a social network, Little Monsters,  built around her fan base and predicted to resemble the new social media “it girl” that is Pinterest.

True, Lady Gaga has logged some impressive online milestones: 19 million Twitter followers and the first performer to reach 1 billion YouTube views of her videos. But 19 million is a far cry from 850 million and counting. With this in mind, we look forward to seeing how Gaga’s people will make this initiative come to life and continue to keep it fresh for her Little Monsters.

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