Feed Your PR Spirit This Season

Today marks the beginning of Lent –a season associated with reflection and taking stock of one’s spiritual life.

For exhausted PR professionals who are only just recovering from the efforts of mining every last news angle around the Super Bowl, this time of year might be the best excuse to step back, stake stock and feed our PR spirits.

Instead of denying yourself something in the hopes of becoming a better person, it might make more sense to do something or consciously give yourself something over the next six weeks that will refresh your thinking and stimulate new ideas. Taking your eye off the ball periodically may be the best way to help you be better at your job.

Here’s what I mean:

1)      Go to the cinema. Commit to going to the movies once or twice a week for the next month and a half. Or if that is too expensive and time-consuming, make a commitment to watch these movies online.  As PR professionals, we need to keep current with the times and the popular culture. Cinema is an escape and a distraction. It helps keep you current, gets you out of the house and engaged with your significant other or friends, and provides an enjoyable or even thought-provoking experience.

2)      Embrace the flesh. Not through gluttony or sloth, but since we’re having an unseasonably mild winter here in the northeast, why not commit to taking the old bicycle out for a spin each time the weather permits? Or go for a hike? Or go ice-skating? Don’t like the outdoors? Splurge on a massage. These are physically exhilarating activities that more often make you feel better than not.

3)      Open a book. Reading creates solitude and improves our writing. Select three books you’ve wanted badly to read for a long time, then borrow them from the library or buy them or download them. The topic doesn’t matter. In fact, the more light-hearted the better. It has to be something that once you begin the book, you can’t wait to get back to it.

4)      Volunteer. Many companies allow employees to donate a few hours a month during the work week to charitable groups that are only too happy to welcome their efforts. This week, DiGennaro Communications is volunteering for God’s Love We Deliver.  But there are myriad ways to donate your individual time too. Just make sure it’s something you do with an open heart and not from a place of obligation.

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