Brunner Discusses Decision Making and the SXSW Experience

Brunner was in full-force on the ground at SXSW. DGC not only had the chance to talk with Executive Creative Director Rob Schapiro about his experience, but also we got a hold of an interesting commentary by strategist Michelle Latta on decision making. Take a look to read and hear more:

Ninety-five percent of our decision making is unconscious. At SXSW, I took a fascinating journey into the brain. A panel featuring A.K. Pradeep, Brian Clark, Derek Halpern and Roger Dooley took the room through the unconscious responses that people make on the internet. They discussed psychological studies that identified how we react to text, imagery, and the reasons we use social media. I’ll share three important learnings.

The first insight (but really no insight at all) was that the visual of an attractive woman “makes a man impatient and short-term oriented,” says Dooley. On a video-game website enrollment form three designs were tested among men. The first version was plain and had no women. The second design featured a headshot of a women and the third showed cleavage. The version with the female had 65% more enrollment than the first and the boobs attributed to a 95% increase in enrollment from version one. In fact, the title of this article may have just jettisoned the readership of my blog way over that of my colleagues. So this isn’t really news with Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. car wash ad and the antics of GoDaddy, but it is a reminder, that at the end of the day, stereotypes aside, we are hardwired a certain way.

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Below is Rob’s take on SXSW, plus some odds and ends about Brunner best practices and talent recruitment:

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