Did Tosca Lay an Egg?

ImageSomewhere along the way, Easter, the holiest day in the Christian calendar, became a holiday associated with candy. We eat egg-shaped little chocolates wrapped in brightly colored tinfoil, chocolate bunnies wrapped in same, jelly beans and Peeps (blech).

One could hardly blame Italian chocolatier Tosca for trying to market itself in a big way as Easter approaches, but its recent execution was a little off.

This story says Tosca gave a 550-pound chocolate Easter egg to Pope Benedict XVI.  We suspected correctly that His Holiness had no practical use for such a gift, especially one associated with paganism. And the opening line to the wire-service story would have made our parochial school teachers fall out of their chairs way back when:  “The Easter Bunny has arrived early at the Vatican.”

The Pope very graciously donated the egg to a local juvenile detention center, and we hope somebody posts pictures soon of what they do with it.

As a PR stunt, though, wouldn’t it have made more sense for Tosca to donate the 550-pounder to a local Italian city and carve out pieces in the main square to give away on Easter Sunday?  The company could have also videotaped the proceedings for distribution to international news outlets as a quirky story in the same vein that local New York news stations cover the annual “parade” of hats on Fifth Avenue on Easter Sunday.

Hey, we just donated a good PR idea to Tosca. Maybe they’ll use it next year.

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