Minority Report: Project Glass

Many marketers strive to be known for innovation and creativity, and just as many think Apple has led the charge in consumer products. But on April 4, Google announced Project Glass, its augmented-reality concept eye wear that proposes to present information displays to users based upon voice and motion commands. The announcement was accompanied by an interesting demo of how the glasses might work. 

The video touts the perks of Project Glass, and they seem similar to what we’ve seen in futuristic movies such as, Minority Report , Star Trek and Blade Runner, among others. However, as with all new technology, one must ask, do these new “benefits” come at a price beyond money?

Surely Project Glass provides a huge opportunity for Google to showcase its product innovation and to plant a stake in the ground for the future of communications and interactivity.

The geek in me feels excited that Google has presented us with “The Final Frontier” so to speak, but we may not be ready for such a future. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed consumer backlash around how marketers and other entities share personal information gathered online, and Google is one of the companies being scrutinized.  The next challenge for Google will be to help non-believers feel comfortable that their privacy will not be invaded and that Project Glass is a realistic venture.

From a PR standpoint, the announcement comes at an interesting time. The first three months of the year were not the best for Google, especially after updating its privacy policy. The company has been viewed as playing catch up to Apple in the product-innovation game.

But with Project Glass, Google has established a leadership position in the burgeoning augmented-reality space. Just an announcement about this new product helped Google show the world that Apple is not always “first,” and gives Google a chance to set the stage in taking augmented reality to the next level.

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