Mad Men – The Thrill of Victory

Finally, after several long weeks (and at least seven episodes) the SCDP team has won the Heinz account. After several failed pitches, attempts to partner them with the Rolling Stones, not even slimy Pete Campbell could coddle them to sign on. Until Megan comes up an idea that seems simple yet brilliant – that beans, like spaghetti, will never change. It will always be a staple of family life.

Megan was fortunate enough that Raymond’s wife spilled the beans on their upcoming firing so they could pre-empt Heinz’s move. The execution and teamwork between Megan and Don was flawless. Their marriage provides a soft loving exterior for their direct, hard-nosed business motives. Afterwards in the office, the mood is jovial as everyone is celebrating their first big win since Lucky Strike.

Winning new business does not happen overnight. It takes several weeks, if not months, for things to come through. Several people have to work on the push. There’s a suspense, drama and rush that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in business. To pull from sports saying, there is a thrill of victory, but there also is the agony of defeat. At the end of the day, only one company can win, while everyone else goes home empty handed.

When attempting to seal the deal, there’s a need to be ready for anything and everything, and pre-empt spelled right?  a suspected or hinted loss with a counter-strike to appease. That’s how Megan and Don were able to seize an opportunity.

For her part, Peggy is a role model when it comes to her strong support of Megan. She recognized and saluted Megan’s success even though her own creative ideas had failed with the client. Instead of being jealous, she “took one for the team” and did what was best:  support the company as a whole.

At the end of the day, it’s a true team effort; from the start of the new business chase, through the successful win, and the (hopeful) flourishing partnership between both sides. It cannot be done by just a few people. It takes everyone from an agency to succeed, so appreciate the team you have around you.

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