Gary Reisman Talks Shop at OMMA Video Conference

Burgeoning media platforms spawned time-shifted TV viewing and that’s just one of the many headaches media executives are trying to deal with whether they’re buyers or sellers. TV shows aren’t always watched when broadcast, viewers can skip commercials on DVR’s and many are engaging with social media on a second screen while consuming content. What’s a media planner to do?

Nobody has anything figured out but just about everyone has theories on how best to reach consumer targets.

Gary Reisman, co-founder of NewMediaMetrics (@NewMediaMetrics), for one, advised media executives not to buy “media” per se, but to “buy the buyers.” That is, to identify customers who have the highest affinity for a particular brand and then deploy brand messages across media platforms and content for which the customers also have a high affinity.

“If an alien dropped from space and looked at how we’re buying media, he’d think we’re insane,” Reisman declared as a panelist at the OMMA Video Conference in New York on May 17.  The methods used to buy media, Reisman added, are still invested in the historical “inertia” of TV.

Reisman was joined by other executives on the panel, “Online vs. Offline/Buyer vs. Seller: Is Video Advertising Cross Platform, or at Cross Purposes?” Tim Hanlon (@timhanlon) CEO & Managing Director, The Vertere Group, LLC, served as moderator.

Reisman’s fellow panelists were: Talia Arnold, Director, Digital Strategy, Horizon Media; Andy Chapman, Leader, Digital Trading, Mindshare North America; Steve Grimes, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Comedy Central; Scott Schiller, EVP Digital Media Sales, Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media, NBCUniversal

For more of Reisman’s witticisms, see videos below.

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