Creative Legends, Jeff Goodby and David Droga, Share Stage at 4A’s Strategy Festival

The DiGennaro Communications team gathered at the 4A’s Strategy Festival in New York City today, which annually coincides with the Jay Chiat Awards to support many of our clients, one of which is the 4A’s itself.

The sold-out event, which caters to agency strategists and planners, assembled an all-star cast of advertising executives to discuss how to bring “agility to strategy.”

Opening Remarks from CEO/President of the 4A’s Nancy Hill

Nancy Hill, CEO and President of the 4A’s kicked off the event, opening up the stage for welcome remarks by Edward Cotton, famed director of strategy and innovation at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. Shortly after, Jonah Bloom, chief strategist at kbs+ and former Ad Age editor in chief moderated a live discussion about the importance of strategy to creativity between Jeff Goodby, co-chairman of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and David Droga, founder of Droga5. These creative legends were asked to give their perspective on “raising the bar” in the industry.

Goodby and Droga debated the role of strategy and planning in the creative process. Goodby equated the importance of planning to a T.S. Eliot reference that when two things that don’t belong together are fused, it can create something much better in the end. Droga stressed that “as a planner you cannot be average; you have to be exceptional.”

In discussing the development of great campaigns, Goodby admitted that “sometimes we mistake things that are informative for things that are interesting,” and it is important to know that the “biggest job for planners is to make people care.” Droga gravitates to the “things that make me think about a category in a slightly different way.”

Another challenge the two men cited as a link between a successful creative and planning relationship, is speed. In today’s fast-paced communications world, speed can both aid and stifle the process. Goodby warned that “speed can become an excuse to not interact with individuals and to ignore how well a message is received.”

Raising the Bar with Jeff Goodby and David Droga

In his closing remarks Droga advised, “have the creatives be in the trenches early on in brief development; then they’ll be more likely to let you be involved.” Goodby explained that raising the bar (as a creative or planner) requires “an innate desire and sense of urgency to create something different.” He urged planners to come up with something unique, because that is what makes one stand out in today’s industry.

Following the Droga/Goodby opening keynote, attendees could participate in a strategy workshop for Code for America, a non-profit that uses technology to improve local government efficiency. Teams will have 24 hours to turn around their strategic plans for review to a panel of esteemed judges including Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media, Beth Noveck, former Deputy CTO of the United States, Anne Milgram, former Attorney General of New Jersey, Kevin Slavin, founder of Area/Code, Tim Dierks, former Google engineering lead, and Owen Washburn, Brookings Institution.

To wrap up day one, the 2012 Jay Chiat Awards were announced via a live presentation and were featured on AdWeek.

We’ll be back tomorrow with highlights from the final day of the 4A’s Strategy Festival.

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