DGC Video Bowl: #TeamBeatz vs #TeamWinning

The Super Bowl brings people together in celebration: It’s a celebration of football, a celebration of friends, and a celebration of the best campaigns in advertising. While DGC won’t have its own spot in the game, we didn’t want to be left out of the fun.

 This year, we put our own spin on the Super Bowl rivalry…

 Two teams, one simple brief: show the world what makes DGC so awesome. Our collaboration, our team spirit, and, yes, at times even our zaniness. Each video was made with an impossibly tight deadline, zero budget, a lot of love and collaboration, and a late night of laughter.  Enjoy…. view, and “Like”!  There’s a bagel breakfast hanging in the balance.

Team 1: #TeamBeatz

What is it about DiGennaro Communications (DGC) that makes working there so awesome? DGC’ers Megan and Michael ponder that very question in this video made with love and collaboration by #TeamBeatz, one of two DGC teams whose goal in our 2013 internal contest was to highlight our special team spirit.

Team 2: #TeamWinning

In this video made with love and collaboration, #TeamWinning shares what makes DGC great by channeling inspiring Super Bowl Halftime Show performances from years past and present!

 May the best team win. Who knows? We may even end up being the next viral sensation.

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