From Across The Pond: Impossible To Pun Without Alarming People

Lara-LeventhalIs PR in the U.K. the same as PR in the U.S.? Hard work, determination and solid strategy make for a successful formula no matter your geographical location, as do legendary parties for your staff (and reward trips to Brussels? Yes please!). Managing Director of our sister UK PR consultancy Eulogy!, Lara Leventhal, chats with The B2B PR blog for their PR Leadership Series…

How did you get to be in charge of a PR agency?

Sometimes the story even surprises me. I was always very passionate about marketing and I started my career working for MORI in the 1990’s. I was very ambitious and after being in b2b marketing for a few years, I wanted to try something new and exciting. So, I decided to move to an internet start-up, which, like many of the time, failed soon after.

In 2000, I was introduced to Adrian Brady, Eulogy!’s founder, by a friend of a friend and then found myself joining the consultancy as an AM. I loved PR but I was always very interested in the running of the business. Fortunately, the board recognised my interest and six years ago I was asked to take on the role of MD, whilst Adrian (Eulogy!’s founder) became CEO. I haven’t looked back since. Adrian and I are a fantastic team. We have such complementary skills – he’s creatively brilliant and I’m more driven by process and operations.

Check out the full article: Impossible To Pun Without Alarming People.

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