PJs and Work: How Webcasting Helps Us Work Outside The Office

talkpoint_infographic_crop2The nature of business today is online and always plugged in and Marissa Mayer’s new ruling for her Yahoo employees has put working remotely up for public discussion.

PR professionals have to expect the unexpected, and it’s extremely important to be connected and have fully functional communications tools at all times. Travel is also an essential part of our jobs so regardless of our physical location, face-time with clients and reporters is crucial.

DGC have been working with global technology company, TalkPoint, for some time, and we are well-versed in their SaaS cloud-based webcasting tool, Convey.

In a recent survey TalkPoint conducted, webcasting was said to greatly increase business efficiency. Here are some takeaways for consideration:

  • Scalability:  Webcasting enhances business communication by enabling distribution to larger audiences (38.8 % of respondents said  this is the primary reason for hosting a webcast)
  • Minimizing costs:  Webcasting reduces the need for travel which in turn reduces budgets (in some cases by more than 30%)
  • Increased turnout: Hosting events via webcast can increase turnout (69.9% of survey participants would rather use a webcast than attend an in-person meeting)
  • Convenience: Offering mobile webcasts enables attendance from any location (62.1% of people would rather give up coffee than their mobile device!)

TalkPoint doesn’t just create easy-to-use technology and make your CFO happy, it also turns data into a mean infographic. Check it out!


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