Skype Seeks to Understand Cross-Screen Behaviors

As part of the Cross Screen Summit during Advertising Week, Skype General Manager Lovina McMurchy talked about how the company tries to tailor users’ experiences to the device on which they are accessing the free internet-based video and voice service owned by Microsoft.

“We think a lot about devices,” McMurchy said, adding that according to recent research commissioned by Skype, the average Skype customer owns four digital devices and practices four corresponding behaviors across them all, so understanding cross-device behavior is paramount.

The study was launched across five countries, the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil and the U.K., and McMurchy described each behavior as follows:

  1. Multitasking is the most common behavior on multiple personal screens. A consumer might be downloading a book from Amazon on a Kindle, using Skype on a mobile phone, watching TV and checking email on a tablet or PC.
  2. Investigative behavior involves activities that are related. For example, while watching TV, a consumer may want to know more about a show or topic and go onto a tablet, PC or mobile phone to find out more.
  3. Social behavior is common while watching TV. A consumer goes onto another device to comment on what he or she is watching.
  4. Sequential involves a task that was started on one screen and continued on another.

According to McMurchy, marketers need to know not only that they are targeting the same person across devices, but also what the device is being used for at that moment in time to be able to serve an ad that’s relevant for that screen, that user and that behavior.

“Our philosophy has always been to follow the consumer across whatever device they need us on,” she said.

With 100 million downloads on Android phones and 50 million on iOS phones, Skype’s objective is to be on all screens and across all ecosystems.

Click the video to hear McMurchy describe instances in which Skype will not serve an ad.

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