Why Keeping Content Legitimate is the Most Important Part of Branded Content

CEO of Content & Co Stuart McLean spoke at this week’s OMMA Video conference on the impact that branded content can have – but only when done the right way. For client Schick, Content & Co saw incredible results from “Clean Break,” an original reality-based series now in its third season. By keeping the focus on producing quality content, Content & Co and Schick were able to go beyond traditional advertising to reach the target audience in a new and engaging way, leading to a quantifiable leap in sales—up 21% the first month the program ran.

The series, following three millennial guys who leave their ordinary lives behind for adventures in exotic Hawaii, was the perfect solution to engage with male consumers beyond a thirty second commercial. According to Jeff Chapman, Senior Director, Global Brand Communications, Energizer Personal Care, “Emotion is created over time; it doesn’t happen instantaneously.”

Perhaps most striking is that Clean Break is presented by a men’s razor company, but does not include a single product placement or shot of a man shaving. The key to keeping branded entertainment interesting is creating content that viewers connect with and enjoy while keeping advertising to the usual channels — something that Content & Co strives to do for all clients. For Stuart, “The story is about allowing content to lead,” a sentiment not always echoed in the industry. Hear more from Stuart: [VIDEO]

Next up for the series? Taking on New Zealand. Watch the latest season of Clean Break here.

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