Rhapsody in Blue

Anyone who doubts that brands can produce interesting editorial work should take a look at Bluemasters: Innovation in Denim, an informative, entertaining book that features and celebrates the people and places that have driven innovation in the denim industry.


Written by Fabiana Giacomotti, a fashion expert and head of Fashion and Costume Studies at Rome’s Sapienza University, the book profiles denim designers and influencers, including Adriano Goldschmied, Renzo Rosso, Vivienne Westwood and Fatih Konukoglu, the CEO of ISKO, the denim maker that produced the book. In its preface, Elio Fiorucci says the book is a “love song to denim,”celebrating the men and women who have brought innovation, be it in production, creativity, retailing or communications. Just call them the “Bluemasters.”

ISKO, a DGC client, celebrated the book’s launch last week in Soho at the 3×1 Concept store, “a one-of-a-kind place where we can speak about denim while ‘breathing’ denim,” said Marco Lucietti, Marketing Director, ISKO.

Shanna McKinnon, editor of DenimHunt.com, kicked off the event with opening remarks and questions for two designers present for the launch— Adriano Goldschmied and Scott Morrison – as well as sponsors Lucietti of ISKO and Carl Fortin of Archroma. McKinnon took the opportunity to ask Goldschmied if, as the book reports, he really did ruin a washing machine when he used real pebbles from the river near his house in Italy for stonewashing decades ago. (Yes!) And, he shared, when he first attempted bleaching jeans in buckets in his garden, the concoction rubbed off on his black dog, whose fur turned white. The significance of these stories? Goldschmied wanted to stress the importance of a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for the industry, which was applauded by party attendees.

ISKO’s Lucietti noted that it would be impossible to bring together every “Bluemaster” in a single publication but said the company wanted to celebrate innovators in denim, from technical experts to designers and accessory makers.

For now, at least, a must-have accessory in the denim world is a copy of this handsome, informative book.

DGC’s Milli Carr, Marni Raitt, ISKO’s Kutay Saritosun and DGC’s Kelsey Merkel

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