Boomerang Employees: Celebrating New Perspectives, Fresh Thinking and Stellar Talent

Welcoming new talent is an exciting opportunity for any agency. They bring fresh ideas, new perspectives and varied expertise that adds to a team’s collective skills. Every now and then though, agencies have the opportunity to welcome new talent that also knows the inner-workings of the agency. Here at DGC we love when this happens.

Over the course of our ten-year history, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming back employees who took advantage of new opportunities to spread their wings and fly. We’ve found that these boomerangs come back with more unique insights and a fresher perspective and a host of new approaches to PR and strategic communications. Of course, because they know the inner workings of DGC, they also transition more easily into new roles with new team members, while understanding how their “new assets” can complement the entire organization.

This past month, we have had the chance to welcome two boomerangs back to DGC: Chrissy Perez-O’Rourke and Claire Eisenberg (who rejoined from Big Spaceship and 360i, respectively). Here’s what they had to say about coming back to DGC.

Chrissy: “From intern to Account Director, I learned everything I know about PR from the talented people at DGC, and I’m really excited to start this new chapter at the agency. Being on the inside at Big Spaceship for the past year has been such a refreshing experience – I was able to learn about the industry from the inside and gain a whole new, invaluable perspective. I look forward to what lies ahead – onward and upward!”

Claire: “After spending nearly five years deeply rooted in the advertising space at DGC, it was exciting to gain an inside perspective at 360i, an agency that’s reimagining marketing and pushing boundaries for its clients. It offered a unique opportunity to continue to elevate the high-profile agency, it’s executive and roster of clients. And now I’m looking forward to what’s ahead at DGC!”

Welcome back, ladies!


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