On Music’s Biggest Night, the Ads Shine Bright

We love music because it puts into words our thoughts and feelings in a way that we would want them to be said. Last night’s Grammy Awards celebrated the music and performers that create the soundtrack to our lives.

Yet, between the stomps of Kendrick Lamar and the soulful stylings of Bonnie Raitt, it became clear that brands were at the top of their game last night – composing a number of notable advertising masterpieces. In our opinion, this year’s Grammy’s advertisers were remarkably more creative than what we saw during the Super Bowl.

Here’s three we thought tapped into the Grammy’s spirit.

  • Lady Gaga as the ultimate chameleon, David Bowie, was pure gold. So too was connecting her with tech giant Intel for pre and post-performance spots. Taking us behind the scenes of Gaga’s spectacular performance demonstrated the integral role Intel plays for brand innovation in the music space. Just imagine what Intel could do for you!
  • If a premium is placed on knowing your audience then Truth.org should receive an award for their #CATmagedeon spot. With teen smoking on the rise, Truth eschewed the traditional scared straight approach to health warnings. Taking aim at the unique relationship between people and their pets, Truth combined cute with poignant to deliver a strong message that is sure to resonate on social media.
  • Gwen Stefani and Target had audiences guessing: Is it an ad or a video? The live four-minute, seven costume change performance – replete with roller skates – left audiences breathless and gave Target a few cool points.

Great music just doesn’t happen, it’s the culmination of talent, experience and courage.  The same for great advertising.  Our big winners sought to tap into the power of the 25 million Grammy viewers – the most for any entertainment show this year. The brands each understood who viewers of the Grammy’s are and what’s important to them. So, will ads during the Grammy’s and the Academy Awards begin to rival the Super Bowl? If brands become as courageous as musicians like Lady Gaga then the answer is, yes.

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