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Think Nothing Big Happened at the Super Bowl? Think Again.

Sunday night proved to be a bit of a bore with the Seahawks dominating the entirety of the game. So what kept us watching at DGC? The marketing showdown of course! Here are a few trends that emerged from the biggest night in advertising:

  • Nostalgia trumped glitz: A lot of brands like Anheuser-Busch, Chevrolet and Maserati took the sentimental route, opting for feel-good over splashy spots. For example, Microsoft inspired us with a :60 spot narrated by Steve Gleason, a former NFL player with ALS, through the use of eye tracking technology on a tablet. Steve speaks about how technology has the power to “take us places we’ve only dreamed of” as we see images of technology helping a woman hear for the first time, a child run with prosthetic legs and an elderly man losing his eyesight paint.
  • Brands ambush the Super Bowl: Brands that didn’t have TV spots during the big game got creative in how to reach large audiences. Newcastle was a winner, enlisting Anna Kendrick to star in its video “Behind the Scenes of the Mega Huge Football Game Ad Newcastle Brown Ale Almost Made.” While on the other end of the spectrum, jcpenney was sending out tweets filled with typos, calling it a stunt to promote its “Go USA” mittens. Other brands certainly had fun in the social conversation – Coors Light chimed in to suggest the department store drink responsibly and Kia offered a designated driver.
  • Light humor reigned: There was far less over the top, slapstick humor during this year’s big game. Outside of the expected Go Daddy ad, brands and advertisers went with lighter humor. Take Volkswagen’s “Wings” spot created by Project: Worldwide agency ARGONAUT where every 100,000 miles, a German engineer received a pair of wings. And in TurboTax’s “Love Hurts,” the brand compared watching the game between two teams that aren’t your own to watching your crush dance the night away at prom with a cool dude that isn’t you. And, on another nostalgic note, DGC client David&Goliath brought us back to The Matrix in its newest spot for Kia.
  • Double spots: Brands like Pistachio and Chevy doubled up on spots during the game. For instance, we got to see Stephen Colbert try to rely on his fame alone to carry the pistachio commercial but unfortunately fell short. In the second spot, the branding is amplified to the point where Colbert cracks his head open to reveal a pistachio inside.

And it didn’t stop there. Denver-based DGC client and Project: Worldwide agency Motive, along with Mekanism, created the Super Bowl Halftime Show for Pepsi. And DGC client Pandora hosted a “Pandora Presents” Event at the Bud Light Hotel in NYC on January 31. The show was headlined by Imagine Dragons, who just came off its well-received Grammy performance and Grammy award win the previous weekend.

We hope you enjoyed game day as much as we did. What was your favorite part?

New Year, New Us: DGC Gets Its Juice On!

With the new year comes health resolutions and, here at DGC, we embarked on an agency-wide juice cleanse last week.  

While we all had different motivations – to kick start healthy eating habits, rid our bodies of toxins (yes, maybe one too many eggnogs), or even just to try something new – we were in it together. The cleanse consisted of six juices ranging from green juice filled with kale, apple, ginger, spinach and cucumber, to a lemon drink with cayenne, and then everyone’s favorite, cashew milk with vanilla, cinnamon and agave. For those who needed a bite to eat, avocado, celery and cucumber topped the “safe cheat food” list.

I can’t say we were all in good spirits for the three days, but we’re all certainly feeling refreshed now and ready to take on 2014.

And aren’t we glowing?

Check out some of our reactions to the juice cleanse here with pictures to follow.

Megan McIlroy, VP, Group Account Director
I experienced a wide range of emotions during the cleanse, including alternating bouts of clarity, hunger, euphoria and what I think were mild hallucinations at one point. While I won’t be juicing again anytime in the foreseeable future, this was definitely a good exercise in clean eating – or clean drinking I guess – and a great start to the new year.

Patrick Wentling, Account Executive
After eating terribly over the break, I needed a good reason to start fresh in the new year, and this was the perfect opportunity. This was my first cleanse ever, and I was a little nervous about surviving for three days on just juice but endured the experience just fine. I don’t think I could have done it without our “juice support thread” which had us sending positive emails to each other each day and well into the night to not give in to eating solids. I’m not sure I’ll do it again, but I’ll never forget it.

Erin Donahue, VP, Group Account Director
This was my third juice cleanse, but by far my most fun. I have never cleansed with a group before so coming into work each day to commiserate with seven co-workers experiencing the same headaches, dizziness and straight-up hunger was a lot easier than going it alone. While my goal of the cleanse wasn’t to lose weight, it was more about clearing out the bad stuff to make room for the good stuff in 2014, losing four pounds was a nice side effect. I am most impressed by my colleague Pat and his dedication to the mission. The sole male in the group, Pat not only kicked our arses in weight loss (boys have it so easy), he barely complained and cheered the rest of us on as we suffered through the highs and lows. If I’m going to cleanse again in the future, I hope it’s with my co-workers at DGC!


What PR Pros Can Learn from the Mouseketeers

It has been 20 years since JT, Gosling, Xtina and Britney joined “The Mickey Mouse Club” and–oh!–how far they’ve come. Two decades on, these former Mousketeers are Grammy-award winning singer-songwriters, Golden Globe-nominated actors, restaurateurs and successful businesspeople.

So, how have they remained relevant all of these years later – through career shifts, meltdowns and entrepreneurial ventures? Here are a few things we as public relations professionals can learn from these entertainment industry veterans:

  • Take Risks. Christina Aguilera made her solo album debut in 1999, which featured the teen-pop hit “Genie in a Bottle.” Following the release of a few more records that saw limited success, Christina took a big risk; she grabbed creative control of her next album – and ultimately her image. Moving away from her bubblegum pop persona, she shocked audiences with her next record “Stripped,” which included chart-toppers like “Dirrty” and “Beautiful.” Recently, she took another big risk and made the move to reality TV with one of America’s favorites, NBC’s “The Voice.”
  • Make Mistakes and Recover Effectively. Following personal struggles including a psychiatric hospital hold and yes, a cringeworthy head-shaving incident, Britney Spears made a comeback in 2008 with an MTV documentary that drew nearly six million viewers called “Britney: For the Record.” Later that same year, she released her “Circus” album, which debuted at number one in the U.S. Britney hasn’t backed away from the spotlight since and just this Fall announced a two-year deal to perform a residency show in Las Vegas, which will feature a mix of new and classic hits. She’s certainly got a lot to work with.
  • Allow Your Brand to Evolve. Justin Timberlake came to mainstream fame as the youngest member of ‘N Sync, which sold a half billion albums during its career and drew the hearts of young girls across the globe. After seven years of boy-band fame, Justin debuted his solo career which has skyrocketed at a steady pace with hits like “Cry Me a River,” “SexyBack,” “Suit & Tie” and “TKO.” He’s also brought his humor to late night comedy shows, acting chops to roles in the “Social Network” and “Trouble with the Curve,” opened Southern-style restaurants across the country and even developed a golf course, among other ventures.
  • Persistence pays. Ryan Gosling had a solid career as a child star in “Are You Afraid of the Dark?,” “Goosebumps” and “Young Hercules.” When he turned 19, he decided to pursue more serious roles. It wasn’t an easy road. He was quickly dropped by his agent and had trouble securing roles with his resume as it stood. Ryan ultimately landed the lead role in “The Believer” which, while a commercial bust, drew industry recognition for his character portrayal. Working his way through titles like “Murder by Numbers” and “The Slaughter Rule,” Ryan became a household name in 2004 while starring in “The Notebook.” And the box-office hits have kept coming since!

As we reflect on how far these stars have come and how we can apply their learnings to our own approach, I’ll leave you with Britney and Justin singing “I’ll Take You There” on MMC:

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