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Ad Age Digital Day Two: Media, Branded Content, Talent

Ad Age Digital’s second day held a heavy focus on the evolution of media. Executives from Bloomberg Media, Daily Mail, HBO, and Nickelodeon were all part of several discussions that delved deep into their business and how brands intersect in this new era of branded content in a “post-digital” world.

Jon Steinberg, CEO of Daily Mail North America and formerly of BuzzFeed fame, told AdAge’s Michael Sebastian challenged creative agencies to step up to the plate. “I don’t want to be a creative agency, but the media agencies and brands come to us and want us to come up with the idea,” said Steinberg. “I’m still waiting for the creative agencies to jump in, and there is always going to be that opportunity for them.”

Sabrina Caluori, VP of Social and Digital at HBO, continued the Fail Forward series, this time talking about how HBO attempted to bring the second screen experience to its consumers in 2013 with HBO Smart Glass, but instead frustrated consumers by distracting from their top tier television shows, which is the main draw for the premium subscription service. Such humbling admission from a media company which is seemingly at the top of its game shows how grounded and self-aware one must be to stay ahead.

Later in the afternoon Andrew Benett, Global CEO of Havas Worldwide took the stage for a fireside chat with Ad Age’s Nat Ives. Continuing the theme of marketing in today’s “post-digital world,” Benett said this shift can be seen right down to the different workspaces seen today vs. in the 1980s, with 90% of the industry now shifting to an open floor plan model, which he says contributes to “always-on collaboration.” To that end, people and talent was a big focus of the talk, and Benett says the questions he gets most in big RFPs aren’t about award-winning work or strategy – it’s about culture and honing talent. “What do we do for internal people initiatives? How do you grow and manage talent?”

AWNY Panel Tells Us What’s Hot in Public Relations This Year

DGC (DiGennaro Communications) had the pleasure of recently attending the AWNY panel “What’s Hot in Public Relations: 2012” moderated by Ad Age’s Alexandra Bruell. It was an enlightening discussion among proven PR pros – all of whom felt strongly that the outlook for the industry is quite bright.   A bit of a “kumbaya” affair, Darlan Monterisi (Porter Novelli), Liz Kaplow (Kaplow), Lisa Rosenberg (Euro RSCG PR), and Jill Dosik (GCI Health) all thought that 2012 would bring a renewed focus on working together across marketing industries to bring ideas to life. Along with this message of unity came a sincere hope that the year ahead would bring a return to real world engagement and a healthier balance between offline and online interaction.We had the pleasure of recently attending the AWNY panel “What’s Hot in Public Relations: 2012” moderated by Ad Age’s Alexandra Bruell. It was an enlightening discussion among proven PR pros – all of whom felt strongly that the outlook for the industry is quite bright.

A bit of a “kumbaya” affair, Darlan Monterisi (Porter Novelli), Liz Kaplow (Kaplow), Lisa Rosenberg (Euro RSCG PR), and Jill Dosik (GCI Health) all thought that 2012 would bring a renewed focus on working together across marketing industries to bring ideas to life. Along with this message of unity came a sincere hope that the year ahead would bring a return to real world engagement and a healthier balance between offline and online interaction.

Below are more highlights on what will be hot in PR this year – even if it’s a bit cold outside right now.

10 Hot Topics for 2012:

  1. Cross-Industry Collaboration: increasingly, advertisers, marketers and PR pros, united by a concept or idea, will join forces and be judged on the overall success of activating the galvanizing idea
  2. Real World Engagement: more and more consumers will turn away from the screen and look to connect offline
  3. Customer Service: the last untapped army for PR, brands will turn to PR experts to improve their customer service operations
  4. Mobile: technology will continue to evolve and broaden engagement opportunities
  5. Media Training in the C-Suite: given increased transparency at the senior level, executives will need full-immersion media training to remain on message and be prepared to navigate a crisis
  6. Rapid Response: with a 24/7 news cycle, clients need strategic counsel on issues across all media platforms at the drop of a hat; PR pros need to learn to keep up
  7. Content, Content, Content: PR shops will become “editor & chief” of the brand, as companies will increasingly become content hubs, creating their own and curating work on topics relevant to their business
  8. Analytics: there will be an increasing onus on PR professionals to “prove the effectiveness of their work” in terms of quality, not just quantity – which will spur greater tracking tools
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR will be an integral (and expected) part of any 360o public relations program
  10. Internal Communications: clients will lean on PR to help smooth internal communications as CEOs show greater appreciation for full team engagement

As DGC looks ahead, content, analytics and corporate social responsibility are at the top of our list to keep us hot in 2012!

Four DGC Clients Make Ad Age’s A-List

Advertising Age AdAge Agency A List 2012 DGC DiGennaro Communications winnersA huge congratulations to Arnold, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Organic and Translation – four DGC clients who made this year’s Ad Age & Creativity‘s A-List issues!  We’re incredibly proud of each for achieving this wonderful accolade. Here’s a little more about what each agency was honored for:

    • Arnold: Arnold earned the #10 spot on Ad Age’s A-List for impressive 2011 revenue growth, thanks to new business wins from Dell and Tribe Hummus and growth from existing clients like Volvo, Hershey and Ocean Spray. Arnold’s work for Progressive got special mention. Who doesn’t love Flo, the customer-service rep Arnold created for the brand? In addition to driving results, Flo was one of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2011. Progressive’s CMO says he treats the agency as “part of my extended staff.”
    • Goodby, Silverstein & Partners:  Goodby, Silverstein & Partners was named to Creativity’s A-List. Creativity editors called out the agency for striking a “technical and touching” tone with its Chevy “Then and Now” campaign. Also lauded: the agency’s stunts for Chevy, which included sending a Sonic on a digital remote-controlled bungee jump.
    • Organic: Organic was named Comeback Agency of the Year, thanks to an incredible new business run in 2011 following a recession-induced loss of two marquee accounts the previous year. Organic brought in more than 10 new pieces of business in 2011, brands like Pepsi, The Hartford, Hasbro, and more, and launched its first-ever TV spot, a collaboration with acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofksy, for the Meth Project.  It’s no wonder their client Kimberly-Clark called them “the smartest guys in the room.”
    • Translation:  Translation was honored as a standout agency of the year, thanks growing revenue by a staggering  60 percent last year and doubling their headcount. Translation received praise for bringing in major clients like Coca Cola and, Nokia. Next to come from Translation: a Super Bowl spot for Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light Platinum.

CES 2012: A Move from Devices to Content

While CES 2012 has passed, the buzz still lingers. We bet there are a few of you still wondering how a consumer electronics show is significant to your business. Well, from everything we’re reading and hearing, CES’ content has evolved beyond the usual technology conference. Coverage and attendee insights suggest that CES has jumped on the content bandwagon with companies talking less about new devices and more about content consumption (something we can all benefit from knowing).

Today, Mindshare’s Antony Young has a piece in Advertising Age about why CES is a must-attend event for marketing execs. Young compares attending CES to that of attending a live football game—in both cases, the experience and perspective gained from being there are significantly better than from the couch or behind the computer, touching on the content, networking opportunities and inspiration to be found on site at CES.

DIGIDAY’s Brian Morrissey also attended the conference and provided daily reports on what most impressed media and marketing execs at CES. The day-by-day recap included thoughts about the role that mobile and other communications devices continue to play in connecting consumers to content. Executives from Organic, Mullen and Tremor Video were just a few of those who weighed in on CES action: Recap Day 1, Recap Day 2, Recap Day 3.

Even though new technology wasn’t king at this event, Shelly Palmer, host of NBC Universal’s Live Digital with Shelly Palmer and other shows, offered highlights in the Huffington Post about technologies and the implications of “connected living.” Palmer flew high into the cloud, while homing in on the changing behaviors of today’s leading consumer electronics brands and efforts to create universal systems that work across devices.

Now the question remains, will you be there next year?

Tub Gin, Rad Bromance and a hot dog stand: A behind-the-scenes look at Red Tettemer + Partners’ 7th Annual 2wenty 5ifth Floor Event

Last Friday, a couple DGC-ers traveled to the “Birthplace of America” (a.k.a. Philadelphia) to attend the seventh annual 2wenty 5ifth Floor party – created and developed by Red Tettemer + Partners. Every year, the agency hosts the 2wenty 5ifth Floor to celebrate the innovation and creativity of the art and design communities. The invite-only event has been held for seven years and draws writers, musicians, designers and advertisers in the community.

Upon entering the party, we were greeted by an award-filled wagon, a claw-foot bathtub and the agency’s very own super premium Tub Gin, as well as slushies (made with Tub Gin.) We later learned that this was just one of three full-service bars placed throughout the two floors of the party space. If you haven’t had a chance to see the Red Tettemer + Partners office space, you should check out their feature in AdAge’s “Agency Digs.” It’s AMAZING!

Thankfully our imbibing was complemented by plenty of treats, including a hot dog stand and Philly soft pretzels – a huge hit among our team. Did you know that the average Philadelphian consumes about 12 times as many pretzels as the national average? Who knew?

We even had a chance to sit down with Red Tettemer + Partners’ own President and Chief Creative Officer Steve Red to get his thoughts on the annual event. Here’s what he had to say:

We mingled and made our way to the second floor stage and grooved to Brooklyn-based electronic pop duo, Chairlift, while anxiously awaiting the main act: Rad Bromance, the phenomenal Lady Gaga cover band. Don’t take our word for it, check out the video below. 

Alas, the bands eventually finished their sets as we finished our night on the dance floor! It was a blast with an amazing turnout. We’re so happy we could celebrate this special night with Red Tettemer + Partners and look forward to next year’s 2wenty 5ifth Floor!

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