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NFC for You and Me: Brunner Talks Near Field

This post is by Will DeGirolamo

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology touted by tech savant Google for its potential in driving mobile payments. Additionally, some particularly savvy advertisers are looking beyond just payments, thinking long-term about near field.

Rick Gardinier, chief digital officer at advertising agency Brunner, discussed the potential of NFC for use in delivering ad content directly to one’s mobile device at OMMA Global earlier this month. Gardinier contends that NFC is invaluable to what the mobile experience will become and can develop deep, lasting experiences for consumers. See what other NFC insights Gardinier had to share:

Do you think NFC will change the way content is delivered to mobile devices or is it useful only in mobile payment situations?

Brunner Discusses Decision Making and the SXSW Experience

Brunner was in full-force on the ground at SXSW. DGC not only had the chance to talk with Executive Creative Director Rob Schapiro about his experience, but also we got a hold of an interesting commentary by strategist Michelle Latta on decision making. Take a look to read and hear more:

Ninety-five percent of our decision making is unconscious. At SXSW, I took a fascinating journey into the brain. A panel featuring A.K. Pradeep, Brian Clark, Derek Halpern and Roger Dooley took the room through the unconscious responses that people make on the internet. They discussed psychological studies that identified how we react to text, imagery, and the reasons we use social media. I’ll share three important learnings.

The first insight (but really no insight at all) was that the visual of an attractive woman “makes a man impatient and short-term oriented,” says Dooley. On a video-game website enrollment form three designs were tested among men. The first version was plain and had no women. The second design featured a headshot of a women and the third showed cleavage. The version with the female had 65% more enrollment than the first and the boobs attributed to a 95% increase in enrollment from version one. In fact, the title of this article may have just jettisoned the readership of my blog way over that of my colleagues. So this isn’t really news with Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. car wash ad and the antics of GoDaddy, but it is a reminder, that at the end of the day, stereotypes aside, we are hardwired a certain way.

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Below is Rob’s take on SXSW, plus some odds and ends about Brunner best practices and talent recruitment:

CES 2012 – Where’s the Beef?

by Shaun Quigley, mobile practice director, Brunner

A Year of “incremental improvement?”

LAS VEGAS — With Apple strikingly absent from this year’s CES, and with Steve Ballmer making Microsoft’s swan song at the world’s largest tradeshow, I had tempered expectations as I touched down in Vegas.  And the show is delivering on that expectation: small, incremental improvements to things like TV and tablets.

Nevertheless, every tradeshow has a few golden nuggets. Here’s what we uncovered opening day.

App of the Day: EBay’s AWESOME augmented reality fashion app helps shoppers try on the product before they hit the store.

Content Consumption and Co-viewing.  People are watching more TV than ever before. That consumption is the result of co-viewing (or multi-screen viewing) on tablets, smartphones and an increasing number of “ultrabook” options.

CES 2012 LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

Smart TV. Executives from LG and Best Buy acknowledged that 40% of TVs being sold in stores today are connected, with projections of 90% by 2015.  The smarter the TV, the more social the viewing experience. The more social the viewing experience, the more integration points for brands.

Communications Planning. Demographics are out. Contextual relevance is in.  Also, media flowcharts are killing digital’s ability to make smarter, faster connections with consumers. (Why? Because it’s a line item that’s easy to cross off!).  Industry must find a better way to present media plans.

Mobile Strategy.  Business goals are different when your consumer is in the kitchen versus the store. Location awareness must factor into the strategy.

3D Everything. Last year there were just a handful of 3D enabled TVs on the showroom floor. Today there are hundreds.  Implication for brands:  how can your product experience reach out and touch someone?

Shaun Quigley is the mobile practice director for Brunner, and lead’s the agency’s innovation incubator, BHiveLab. Follow him @Squigster

Brunner’s Ken Johns Talks Retargeting at OMMA Behavioral

At OMMA Behavioral yesterday, DGC‘s Kendra Peavy had a chance to see Moderator Ken Johns, SVP, Digital and 1:1 Strategy at Brunner, in action leading a panel of experts from TrueAction, Netmining, Criteo, RAPP and Neo@Ogilvy on the topic of Targeting the Retargeters.

Although the practice hasn’t changed significantly over the last year, there are changes on the horizon. Ken took a few minutes to sit with her and share his thoughts on the panel, as well as the future of retargeting:

The Panel

Consumer Knowledge and Best Practices

The Future of Retargeting

Brunner’s Shaun Quigley at SXSW 2011

Shaun Quigley, VP, Mobile Practice Lead at Brunner, shares a few thoughts with DGC on SXSW 2011 and mobile in retail today.

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