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#CannesLions — Everyone is a Creative Director

How and from whom is creativity generated?  At the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, it may seem odd that something this fundamental is actually being asked.

Yet, in an industry where mathematicians, statisticians and engineers now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with art directors, answering that question is not as straightforward as one would think.

For the first time, Cannes Lions today unveiled its Lions Innovation event.  Described as a “festival within a festival,” Lions Innovation is a two-day event where data, technology and creativity intersect.   On its site, Cannes Lions describes itself as the industry’s “mirror” – acknowledging that “data and technology are driving creative solutions in ways never seen before.”   It’s a theme that has permeated much of the week’s programming.


In fact, during a Microsoft/Fast company panel  yesterday entitled “Creativity That Matters – How Brands and Agencies Drive Impact” Wendy Clark, President, Sparkling Brands & Strategic Marketing, Coca-Cola North America, said something that really struck a chord.  Strategists – not artists – are developing the most incredible creative work.   Panel participants, Kathleen Hall of Microsoft and Sophie Kelly of The Barbarian Group, were in full agreement as well.

Driving home the point, Audi’s Luca De Meo told a packed audience during his talk “The Moon.  Land  of Quattro,” that the most creative people play not just with words, but with numbers as well.

Today’s creativity comes from some unlikely places.  From data.  From technology.  From strategy.  In the past, that may have seemed more than a little counterintuitive.  But at the 62nd Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, it’s becoming abundantly clear.  Everyone in the industry – whatever their title – is a “Creative Director.”

Cannes Lions Day 2: Round Up

DiGennaro’s Erin Donahue interviews Jeff Goodby in Cannes about his Chevy client’s launch of the Sonic. “It is a vehicle for young people [who] should still be doing crazy things,” said Goodby, who is co-chairman and creative director of San Francisco-based Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Chevy has a Sonic event scheduled in Cannes on the lawn of the Grand Hotel featuring creative minds behind the Sonic exhibit on Wednesday, June 20, at 5:30 p.m. south-of-France time… Adweek also has a video interview with Jeff Goodby that touches on his relationship with GM CMO Joel Ewanick… Nancy Hill, President-CEO of the 4A’s, also sat down with Adweek to discuss why she makes the annual trip to the Festival of Creativity. Speaking about all the creative work on display, Hill said, “When you realize what we do as an industry, it’s just so amazing to see it all in one place.” When asked that digital technology she can’t live without, Nancy, who spends lots of time on airplanes, cited the Flight Tracker app… Kim Kadlec of J&J spoke at Cannes and linked the space race of the 1960’s to advertising’s golden era of the same decade, but then declared that we are currently experiencing advertising’s “platinum age of creativity.” She also defined a new set of the four “p’s” for marketing: Purpose, presence, proximity and partnership…  WPP’s Blast Radius won a Bronze Cannes Lion in the mobile category for its Air Jordan 2012 campaign…  Coca-Cola is joining “the mob,” according to The Atlanta-based soft-drink giant is in Cannes, and its CMO, Joe Tripodi, talked about how the company is connecting with consumers through the latter’s relentless sharing of content through a plethora of media channels all over the world… The Effies Index at Cannes showed that McDonald’s was the most effective brand, while WPP Group was the most effective advertising holding company… Facebook’s Paul Adams was at the Festival of Creativity a “map of humanity” illustrating how all people are connected…

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