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The Eulogy! team represent at the Direct Marketing Association’s DMA2012

DMA 2012-Direct Marketing Association conference logoThe Direct Marketing Association’s DMA2012 Conference & Exhibition – touted as THE global event for real-time marketers – happened last week and our sister agency in London, Eulogy!, jumped the pond (and much of the United States) to attend the Las Vegas conference.

Additionally, the Eulogy! team even showed their support for our clients at Hyper Marketing Inc., by joining their cocktail party at Eyecandy Sound Lounge inside the Mandalay Bay.

Some of the highlights:

Louisa reported on Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson’s opening keynote and the realization that Big Data is not little data only bigger, but a whole new approach.

She also posted the question “Is big data just snake oil for marketers” in her coverage of GMA’s Going Global Breakfast roundtable. In a panel that sounded fraught with debate (and who doesn’t love disagreement on panels, especially over breakfast!), marketing execs from Motorola, Cyance, Fedex, KBMG and Wunderman discussed glocalization, what “big data” is, and whether it holds relevance anymore.

Mark got a literal “elevator pitch” from the guys at Think Ink Marketing, where old-school becomes new again. Using a workforce of over 2,000 scribes, they achieve cut-through in the tough world of postal direct marketing, by “Making it Personal,” hand addressing envelopes and attaching a real stamp before sending your marketing on its way.

During a Direct Marketing News session titled, “Battle of the Brands:  The Best Bet in Entertainment Marketing,” Michael Miller, chief marketing officer of Hyper Marketing Inc., discussed the pros and cons of two casinos’ marketing strategies – pitting each brand against one another to determine which had the most wining marketing.

Louisa also wrapped up Don Peppers’ (Founder, Peppers & Rogers) keynote presentation on honesty becoming the driving force of competitive advantage for brands; will “trustability” be the new success metric in this real-time social world?

Reading through all of the buzz, DMA2012 sounds like it was a cracker event. For a deeper dive into the world of big data, customer engagement and marketing accountability, many of the sessions are up on DMA’s Youtube channel.

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