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Essence Digital’s Richard Mooney Talks Man vs. Machine at OMMA RTB

At this year’s MediaPost OMMA RTB (Real-Time Buying) Conference, held late January at The Grand Hyatt NYC, Essence Partner & Managing Director Richard Mooney, served as a panelist, sharing his insights on this ever-evolving space.

For the uninitiated, RTB refers to a type of media buying where instead of buying a block of impressions in aggregate, an advertiser buys only the impressions it wants at a unique price determined for each individual impression.

On the panel, entitled “From Real-Time Bidding to a Real-Time Marketing Culture,” Richard demonstrated the breadth of his expertise, expounding on a variety of topics, such as the limits of optimization; how data impacts the quality of an agency’s talent pool; the capacity – and limits of – machines; and why people must remain the core of an organization’s nerve center, whether data-centric or otherwise.

After the panel, Richard shared a few more thoughts on the importance of human capital in a data-driven industry with DGC.

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