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Buy Audiences, not Media

The changing media landscape and technology’s increasing impact on brand, media and consumer relationships were among the topics discussed at  the annual Media:Now event, hosted by The Advertising Club of New York. The event brought together some 300 of the industry’s best and brightest on April 10.

Gary Reisman, CEO and co-founder of LEAP Media Investments, a new media company that sells high-value audiences at scale using Emotional Attachment™ technology, was on a panel titled: “Changing Paradigms in Media Investment.”

Reisman joined other media and marketing practitioners to talk about the myriad of ways in which media investment practices are being upended, reinvented and reinvigorated, including how technology is affecting the media buying process. (Check out Reisman’s remarks in the video below.)

Fellow panelists included Dave Morgan (CEO, Simulmedia); Jay Sears (SVP Marketplace Development, Rubicon Project); Adam Solomon (Vice President, Digital Ad Products and Revenue Operations, Time Inc.); and Lauren Wiener (President, Global Sales & Marketing, Tremor Video).

The discussion, which was moderated by Martin Cass (CEO, Assembly and MDC Media Partners), touched on various industry trends and topics including what’s next for programmatic, addressable video, and what lies ahead for the digital publishing industry.

Content and Audience are King In Today’s Online Media Landscape: Key Learnings From 2014 Digital Hollywood Media Summit

Fed up with exorbitant prices and programming packages that include more channels than a viewer needs – consumers across the U.S. are “cutting the cord” and sourcing their TV programming elsewhere. Over the last few years, audiences have gone from live TV viewing to time-shifted viewing to now binge-TV viewing, and consumption habits continue to change and evolve. So, the question that begs to be answered is –is this an evolution or a revolution?

Those questions and others about the value and future of online video surfaced at Digital Hollywood’s annual Media Summit in NYC on March 5. Experts including Gary Reisman, CEO of Leap Media Investments ( delved into topics including how the online content landscape is changing, what is a trend vs. what is a fad, what will be the media hub of the home in 2017, and how brands and marketers can better leverage online video to connect with their consumers.

On the panel, Gary was accompanied by Nathan Brown (General Manager, Video and Complex TV, Complex Media), Alyssa Vitrano (Director of Content Marketing, Mindshare), Maha Al-Emam (VP of Product and Technology, Daily Candy), Reid Genauer (Chief Marketing Officer, Magisto), Cameron Friedlander (VP, Global Innovations, Blast Radius, WPP Group), and Wes Williams (Director of Product Management, Scripps Networks Interactive).

The room was abuzz with conversation for the entire session, but one question in particular that got the room talking was one posed by moderator, Steve Bradbury, Chief Operating Officer of Zazoom, when he asked the panelists to fill in the blank: “Content and ___ are king.” Some said context, some said experience, some said distribution. Reisman declared, “audience.” See the video below for his full explanation.

What TV Shows Will You Likely Watch This Fall?

Every fall TV season brings hits and misses – and the crop of new shows this year is no different.

 With the week of premieres on the horizon, Gary Reisman, CEO of brand strategy and content alignment company NewMediaMetrics, sat down with Lynette Rice, West Coast News Editor of Entertainment Weekly and host of “Inside TV” on Sirius XM 105, to reveal top insights and predictions from his company’s 2013 LEAP™ TV Study.

One of the top findings from the study  – the top 10 shows for the fall 2013 TV season that have a high probability for success are:


New for Fall 2013


1 The Crazy Ones CBS
2 The Michael J. Fox Show NBC
3 Sleepy Hollow Fox
4 Ironside NBC
5 Hostages CBS
6 Almost Human Fox
7 The Blacklist NBC
8 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ABC
9 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland ABC
10 Reign CW

For the past seven years, NMM has made these predictions with more than 80 percent accuracy by measuring consumers’ Emotional Attachment (EA) to show concepts – a nod to how the media industry should assess content with an evaluation at the front end of the production process.

On the EW radio show, Gary talked about the shows most likely to miss the mark with audiences this season and refuted the suggestion that this process could take the creativity out of content creation. Listen to an excerpt from the Sirius interview with Gary here and here.


The Hit Board Friday Feature

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a publicist is seeing a client in the news.  And at DiGennaro Communications, that happens quite a bit: We are fortunate to have many clients with interesting points of view who, as a result, get significant amounts of “ink”—the physical and digital kind.  To more fully salute and celebrate our clients’ thought leadership, we are launching a weekly blog series recapping some of our clients’ most notable media coverage.  Here is a summary from last week:

In this video interview with International Business Times, Rapp Chairman Global Chairman and CEO Bob Horvath discusses Olympics-related advertising trends and touches on the upcoming presidential election.  Overall, the industry is seeing an incremental ad spend of $5 billion to $7 billion for the May-November 2012 period because of these two events, Bob tells reporter Marias Krystian.
Speaking of major events, the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death was August 5. Brenda Fiala, SVP of strategy at digital ad agency Blast Radius, penned a piece last week for the MediaPost Marketing Daily blog on Marilyn’s legacy. Brenda eloquently writes: “Our fascination with Marilyn will likely endure for another 50 years or more, and her brand value will continue to increase, if her own star power is allowed to shine and fill our hearts with the wonder and sympathy for the woman who lived.”

In this Adweek piece, New Media Metrics Co-Founder and Principal Gary Reisman discusses the differences between blacks and whites when it comes to brand loyalty. African-American consumers are more emotionally attached to brands than whites, especially when it comes to media brands, according to the latest New Media Metrics study.We also saw some significant campaign news this past week.

Featured here is a MediaPost/Marketing Daily article about a new campaign for the Kimberly-Clark Scott brand led by Chicago-based Trisect, an ad agency with a “retail-first” approach.  Aaron Noffsinger, a Trisect creative director, says people have a value radar, or “value sense,” for which Scott wants to rewards them.

The ad industry is nothing without its people. In this Ad Age column, Nancy Hill, president-CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (the 4A’s), explains the need to educate young people about career opportunities in our industry. Nancy cites an Arnold Worldwide study that found that young people don’t know how they can apply their tech and entrepreneurial skills to advertising. In an era where high-tech companies such as Google and Facebook get so much play, the ad community needs to eagerly welcome and train tech-savvy young recruits.

Interested in seeing additional media coverage generated by DGC?  Check us out on Twitter and Facebook, and check out our blog next week, when we will have another such round-up.

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Gary Reisman Talks Shop at OMMA Video Conference

Burgeoning media platforms spawned time-shifted TV viewing and that’s just one of the many headaches media executives are trying to deal with whether they’re buyers or sellers. TV shows aren’t always watched when broadcast, viewers can skip commercials on DVR’s and many are engaging with social media on a second screen while consuming content. What’s a media planner to do?

Nobody has anything figured out but just about everyone has theories on how best to reach consumer targets.

Gary Reisman, co-founder of NewMediaMetrics (@NewMediaMetrics), for one, advised media executives not to buy “media” per se, but to “buy the buyers.” That is, to identify customers who have the highest affinity for a particular brand and then deploy brand messages across media platforms and content for which the customers also have a high affinity.

“If an alien dropped from space and looked at how we’re buying media, he’d think we’re insane,” Reisman declared as a panelist at the OMMA Video Conference in New York on May 17.  The methods used to buy media, Reisman added, are still invested in the historical “inertia” of TV.

Reisman was joined by other executives on the panel, “Online vs. Offline/Buyer vs. Seller: Is Video Advertising Cross Platform, or at Cross Purposes?” Tim Hanlon (@timhanlon) CEO & Managing Director, The Vertere Group, LLC, served as moderator.

Reisman’s fellow panelists were: Talia Arnold, Director, Digital Strategy, Horizon Media; Andy Chapman, Leader, Digital Trading, Mindshare North America; Steve Grimes, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Comedy Central; Scott Schiller, EVP Digital Media Sales, Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media, NBCUniversal

For more of Reisman’s witticisms, see videos below.

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