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The Nuisance of Jargon

How often do you catch yourself in a meeting using words like “best-in-class,” “tipping point,” or  “framework” to get your point across? Well, DGC reported on the “buzzwords” that drive us crazy earlier this year and Modea’s Buzzword Bingo that makes fun of the numerous words we find ourselves saying over and over again. Now, as we edge closer to a new year and renewed hopes for fewer jargon words, AgencySpy has taken up the “eliminate jargon” cause.

Today, Kiran Aditham posted a short round up from agency execs at Organic, Sullivan, BON, Goodby, Cole & Weber and Ignited sharing the words they hope to eliminate in 2012. Take a look at – Which Form of Ad Speak Would You Kill in 2012 – and let us know the jargon words that drive you crazy.


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