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Counting Down To Super Bowl XLVI: The Ultimate Pre-Game

The Super Bowl has turned into more than just a game — it is a two-week celebration with events every day building up to the big game. Although we have a seemingly “super” matchup this year, and many DGCers are excited that the Giants are playing, we’ve realized that the game isn’t the biggest attraction to the Super Bowl. There are parties, concerts, more parties, live tapings of every NBC show imaginable, and yes — more parties. You’ll find the Playboy Party, the GQ Party, the Coors Light Lodge Party, and even a celebrity poker tournament – all on February 3.

It’s a media planning frenzy from a PR standpoint. Every media outlet in the country will be covering the Super Bowl, looking for stories, pictures, and interviews. Everyone wants a piece of the NFL pie.

With such an action-packed schedule in Indianapolis and on your TV, we thought we’d share with you DGC’s top seven Super Bowl events (besides the game, of course).

7) Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl – Because who doesn’t love puppies playing football?

6) The NFL Experience – Each year the host city also hosts the NFL Experience, which is essentially the Disney World of football. This year it will be at the Indianapolis Convention Center, with NFL Charities donating $1 million of ticket sales to local Indianapolis communities.

5) EA Sports Madden Bowl – The athletes that couldn’t quite make it to the real Super Bowl get a second chance virtually.

4)  Pepsi Fan Jam 2012 – Folks tune in to watch Gym Class Heroes, B.o.B., and the All-American Rejects perform on VH1.

3) Super Bowl Media Day – Super Bowl Media Day receives more coverage than any sports interview ever should. With Eli Manning and Tom Brady leading the teams this year, Super Bowl Media Day offers a special treat for fans that get to watch from the stands. If you can’t make it to Indianapolis, you’ll be able to watch live on NFL Network – and it’ll be the top story on any televised sports news that Tuesday.

2) The Bridgestone Halftime Show – Although it’s been toned down since the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” of 2003, we’d venture to guess that some people are watching this year’s Super Bowl just to see the latest iteration of Madonna.

1) The Ads – Whether the game turns out to be a nail-biter or a total snooze, people will be buzzing during the game and the next morning about the ads regardless. And with companies spending an average of $3.5 million for 30-second spots, marketers hope to make a splash that will reach beyond the game.

With all this talk of pre-game hype, DGC is already looking forward to the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII in New York – let the planning begin!

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