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Ad Age Media Buzz Competition at MEC

Ad Age is hosting an ongoing, interactive competition titled “Ad Age Media Buzz” amongst various top media agencies this month in an effort to unite the different companies with a little friendly competition. On Thursday, August 9, 2012, reporters, sponsors, employees, and executives gathered at MEC’s New York office location to witness the trivia-style showdown, where teams of MEC employees competed against each other internally to see who knew the most about ad industry knowledge.

After a warm welcome from Marla Kaplowitz, CEO of MEC North America, a handful of MEC teams congregated around their designated team tables while Ad Age’s Editor-In-Chief Abbey Klaassen and Media Editor Nat Ives proposed industry-based questions to the teams throughout a total of 4 rounds, ultimately revealing the MEC team to possess the most knowledge of the advertising industry. In between rounds, employees socialized, ate, drank, and overall appeared to be enjoying the competition as a nice break from their typical workdays.

The winning team from Thursday’s rounds will move on to compete against reigning teams from other agencies in an ultimate showdown showcasing which agency’s employees are most seasoned with industry knowledge. Outside of promoting friendly competition, the goal of the Ad Age Media Buzz competition is to encourage industry professionals to increase their time spent reading up on current industry information available through various publications and outlets.

DGC was lucky enough to interview Jamie Ciamillo, a Senior Digital Planner for MEC. In her brief interview, Jamie talked to DGC about how the Ad Age Media Buzz competition amalgamated employees across all different departments within the agency, something she found to be a stimulating and opportune experience for socializing with people who she doesn’t typically get to see on a conventional workday.

Thursday’s Ad Age Media Buzz competition at MEC served as an exciting way to network with industry professionals as well as a chance for all ends of the advertising community to come together.

Senior Digital Planner, Jamie Ciamillo, MEC, shares her experience at the Ad Age Media Buzz competition.

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