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TargetCast’s Siegel on Success

What does it take for young women to succeed in the ad/media/marketing business?

Tenacity, fearlessness, and a commitment to relationship building, says Audrey Siegel, president and co-founder of TargetCast tcm.

Siegel recently spoke on the topic of women in business at the Young Jewish Professionals Women’s Leadership Summit in Manhattan. Co-speakers included fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, Robin Koval, president of the Kaplan Thaler Group and Pamela Liebman, President and CEO of the Corcoran Group.

She drew on her own experience co-founding independent media agency TargetCast tcm with partner Steve Farella in 2001. It was a risky move — building a media agency from scratch — but Siegel and Farella lived by two driving ideas. They asked themselves “what’s the worst that can happen?” and told themselves “there’s nothing we can’t do.” Ten years later, TargetCast is one of the largest privately held media agencies in the country.

In this clip, Siegel shares some of her secrets for success.

A Different Type of Pitch…for Tomorrow’s PR Talent

We all know that identifying a newsworthy trend is a critical strategy in persuading a reporter to jump on a story. Well, there’s one such trend that’s not getting much coverage, and yet it deals directly with the media themselves. In fact, from where I sit, it’s having perhaps the single biggest impact on elevating the strategic counsel we’re delivering to our clients. The trend I’m referring to is the leap to a career in PR that so many business and marketing editors are pursuing nowadays.

Whether it’s a contraction in publishing, work/life balance, the opportunity to try something new, or financial upside, it seems each week we’re hearing from another influential journalist looking for insights about making such a switch.

Here at DGC, we’re thrilled to have added three former journalists to our growing team and the results could not be more positive. Our Chief Content Officer, Melanie Wells, joined us late last year from Forbes Media, where she served as an executive editor; Kathy Sampey is a seasoned former journo from Adweek; and Megan McIlroy cut her teeth as an agency beat reporter at AdAge. These outstanding execs took to PR agency life like a fish to water, and certainly much of it is because we specialize in an industry they already understood.

For us, their editorial training delivers incredible value every day – the ability to quickly synthesize complex business stories, package them for media just as they would have wanted to receive them, and, sometimes, call a story b.s. if it has too many holes. Of course, it should go without saying that their writing is exemplary, too, which benefits our entire team.

I’m not a fan of giving away any ingredients to our secret sauce, but it’s clear the cat’s out of the bag on this one. Journalists are flocking to PR fast, and I encourage my peers to give them great consideration. They’ll be your superstars of tomorrow.

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