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David Carr and His Love/Hate Relationship with Content Curators

This packed-housed session featured NY Times Media Reporter David Carr — if you’ve seen the documentary “Page One,”

David Carr of the New York Times

you know the wise, humorous, and tenacious energy he brings to speaking engagements — and some of the country’s best-known content curators from Flipboard and Brain Pickings.  As a producer of original content, Carr pointed out that while content curators make his pieces beautiful and more widely read, they also strip the ads, “which are how I eat.”

Most of the panelists agreed we’re headed towards a model where subscribers pay  for the content they want  — unwelcome news to advertisers and there’s still the pesky question of how to make that model work at scale.  So what is the role for brands in this new era of curation? Percolate (co-founded by ex-Barbarian Group  exec and panelist Noah Brier) is one company trying to answer that question – making brands themselves the curators. Needless to say, the one-hour panel didn’t resolve the issue, but raised many interesting questions about publishing’s financial future.

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