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DGC Rountable: 4th Annual Scavenger Hunt

The DGC Roundtable is moderated by our fall intern, Jamie Kurke.

Each fall, the DGC team hosts their annual scavenger hunt. The team breaks out into teams and treks out for an afternoon running around in the Flatiron District to complete clues ranging from the mundane (Grab an AM New York) to the bizarre (Eat a chocolate turkey.) Our winning team, “The Cluesters” won a free pizza party, and the team with the best spirit, “Team Flashypants,” won a free coffee break. To see all the photos, please check our Facebook page.

With all the fun that was had, not to mention the post-Hunt happy hour, we asked our team to share highlights from our fourth annual hunt as this week’s DGC Roundtable:

Pat Wentling, Senior Account Executive:

This year’s hunt brought some of our most “interesting” challenges yet. By far the most intriguing of them was taking a picture with a parking attendant (with bonus points for a minivan) and the attendant actually pulled up a random mini-van. We were a little concerned that it was someone’s vehicle, but we were more concerned about winning (we came in last place.) After the car arrived we provided a nice “thank you” and went about our way. We also spent more time looking for a chocolate turkey than anything else. I don’t think I’ve been to that many CVS/Duane Reade’s in such a short span and left empty handed.  By the end, I couldn’t wait to eat that turkey.

Lexi Hewitt, Account Coordinator:

For me the funniest aspect of the scavenger hunt was how many people shut us down when we asked if we could get a picture of one of us walking their dogs.  No one trusted us! When someone finally did let us take a picture, they still wouldn’t let go of the leash.  I thought that would have been one of the easier tasks, but it was the hardest.

Kathy Sampey, Vice President:

My favorite part of the scavenger hunt (also) was trying to find a dog to walk, which was on every team’s list. Usually, there are a million dogs sauntering down the block at any given time in this area, but when we were out scavenging, there was nary a canine in sight. Finally, in Union Square Park, a woman with a gentle-looking curly haired dog handed me the leash, and the poor dog thought she was being given away. When she realized she wasn’t, she jumped up to give me a kiss.



Jamie Kurke, Intern:10390272_944231045604570_7163020465331039479_n

For me, the best part of the scavenger hunt was just seeing the reactions from everyone we interacted with. To set the scene for you, my team was decked out in ’80s workout gear, complete with matching fluorescent pink sweatshirts. Among the most enthused to help us out were the Sleepy’s employees who couldn’t wait to have us take a picture sprawled out on a mattress and the two NYPD officers who graciously agreed to put their dinners on hold to do ‘The Mystical’ in a photo with us. Others, like the Petco employee who was trying to catch a hamster for us, were less than amused by our garb and requests, but those interactions were equally as entertaining. In the end, my team may not have won, but the experience of it all made every second of scrambling around the city worth it– and we did get recognition for being the most spirited!


DGC Takes on the Streets of Flatiron for Its Third Annual Scavenger Hunt

Take a picture with Batman and Superman. Practice spinning on a set of Citi Bikes. Get a mini-makeover from Sephora. Order a “secret” menu item at Chipotle Mexican Grill.

For the third year in a row, DGC set aside an afternoon for a team-building scavenger hunt that brought out the kid—and the must-win competitive streak—in all of us here at DGC.

DGC President Howard “Howie” Schacter ruled as the impartial judge for this year’s hunt, which took place in New York’s Flatiron District. And in addition to ruling on the viability of tasks completed by teams to win a pizza party, he was also the sole judge of the coveted prize of the afternoon for Best Team Spirit.

Evident by our Call Me Maybe rendition, DGC-ers aren’t shy about “getting into character.” So with Halloween on the horizon, each of the five teams came up with a team theme and costumes to bring it to life. We were “The Tacky Tourists,” “The Texas Tailgaters,” “The Blackouts,” “The Zoo-perstars,” and Team Spirit winner “The Spice Girls.” And let me say, the outfit choices did not disappoint. Click here for pics of each team.

So with the big costume reveals done, the actual scavenger hunt kicked off. Lists were distributed and the teams took to the streets – completing as many items as possible in an hour and a half. Pretty remarkably, all of the team returned back to the office on time and with all but one or two clues completed. It looked as though it was going to be a close call for the top spot.

Tallying the points revealed that The Texas Tailgaters won, by two points, with each of the other teams coming in only a point or two behind that. We were all “winners” in the end – at least that’s what we told ourselves at the bar later that night!

Hats off to another exciting Scavenger Hunt – until next year!


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