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Maxxcom Global Media Collaborative Dives into the Future of TV

Content creators, distributors, financial analysts, market researchers, sales organizations and technologists came together to share insights on the future of television on June 13 at the first installment of the Maxxcom Global Media Collaborative.

The event took place at the Helen Mills Theater in New York where attendees discussed ways to navigate consumer-advertiser relationships within the rapidly evolving TV landscape.  Featured presentations were from Condé Nast, ESPN, Fordham University, Time Warner MediaLab, Collective, Rentrak, Trendrr and TVB.

After the event, Steve Farella, CEO of Maxxcom Global Media, and Mitch Oscar, Televisual Applications at Maxxcom Global Media, shared their thoughts with DGC on the importance of the new media agency model, extending the reach of television and why the industry is in a state of constant evolution, not revolution.

TargetCast’s Steve Farella on Winning Cannes Media Submissions

Sam DiGennaro sat with Steve Farella, chairman and CEO of TargetCast, to learn what this year’s jurors were looking for as they selected the winning entries for the 2011 Cannes Lions Media awards.

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