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Sunday Sizzled at SXSWi

Sunday offered another jam-packed day of activity at SXSWi. Here are a few highlights on what we heard:

  • The Future15 track offered fast-paced, rapid-fire micro-presentations that were short on time but big on content. Tim Washer, Social Media Manager for Cisco, discussed humor in advertising. Washer proved that funny ads aren’t just aimed at consumers – B2B ads with a sense of humor pack a big punch. Reminds us of the great Y&R ads for Xerox.
  • Brands should embrace a sense of play to stay relevant, according to William Charnock and Andrea Ring, R/GA’s Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director of Planning. To avoid going the way of Borders, Blockbuster and Kodak, brands must be real in real time – free themselves from the shackles of too-long development cycles and engage consumers now.
  • Will email become obsolete? Ad Age’s Kunur Patel cited her own sister-in-law’s Facebook habits as anecdotal proof that different generations use social media in different ways. The notion that email will become irrelevant was difficult for the crowd at the “Has Facebook Jumped the Shark” panel to fathom, but, as Patel pointed out, that wouldn’t have been the case if the room were full of 17-year olds

More to come as we kick off another day at SXSWi.

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