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Why Marketers Need to Think About ROE over ROI

Yesterday we attended OMMA Global, which happens in New York concurrently with Advertising Week and IAB Mixx. Zain Raj, CEO of Hyper Marketing Inc.  gave a keynote speech to a packed room during the OMMA Response track: From ROI to ROE: Winning Customers Takes More than a Marketing Plan.

 As Zain explained, marketing plans have always been about maximizing ROI—how much to spend and where to spend it. In the last five years, though, integrated marketing as it applies to digital and direct response has become a veritable Rubik’s Cube of media scenarios and almost as difficult to solve. To win customers, marketers need to understand how to gain ROE–Return on Experience, Engagement, and Equity in their advertising.

We caught up with Zain after his speech and discussed with him the differences between ROI and ROE:



Zain also argues that one of the first steps in achieving ROE is knowing how to establish your product or service as a brand ritual for your customers. In this video, he uses John Deere hats as an example of delivering “Return on Experience.”


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